@theOffice in Antelope Valley was designed with the Palmdale and Lancaster Entrepreneur in mind.  We offer professional but flexible creative work space to help you grow your business.  Our Center is located in the heart of Lancaster on the BLVD. 

Conference Room


When you need to accomodate a larger meeting or just need more space to spread out for the day and get work done, this room will help you meet that need.

*Photo does not depict actual office furniture.

Large Private Office


Want a larger office for yourself or need to have a partner or assistant close by.  Our large office can accommodate up to three desks.

*Photo does not depict actual office furniture.



Our . executive office and . virtual office space is located heart of Lancaster on The BLVD.

Need to hold a quick meeting 

@theOffice understands that sometimes you just need to be around other professionals to get the creative juices flowing or you need to hold a quick meeting to have a document signed, so we designed our open business area with that in mind.

*Photo does not depict actual office furniture.

Private Meeting Rooms 


If you like working from home but don't want to advertise your home address, we have a solution for you.  Need to meet with a client for coffee? Take a quick meeting in our business lounge or schedule time in our day office.

*Photo does not depict actual office furniture.     

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Private Office

Our executive office space is furnished for the business minded individual who wants function and comfort.  We understand that you may need to work long hours building your business so we provide 24 hour center access to our private office clients. 

*Photo does not depict actual office furniture.